Height & Weight Version 2 Release update

So you have what to expect

Expected release date 30 April 2018

After the release of the first version, we collected the requests from the application users for three months, collected all the bugs and decided to do something bold and build now version 2 of the application.
Why did we do that? Because we understand the real needs of the store owners and the needs of your customers and the upgraded application will be exactly what you wanted.


Your management screen will include the features you currently have, such as :

  • The possibility of placing a popup at the entrance to the site, which will keep the user information according to the IP address you enter the site, and will match the desired measurements automatically.
  • The possibility to enter the parameters when creating a user in your store[LOGIN PAGE], and so the app will remember the details also at the next entries of the same user

The application was transferred to an ultra-fast SSD storage that will allow for a comfortable workflow.

What is New in Backend?

To date, you have been able to insert only minimum and maximum values of height and weight. In Version 2 you can insert all the values inside a standard size table including waist circumference, breast circumference (bust), shirt length and more. So no matter what scale you have, you can still use the app with maximum comfort.


  • You can determine which gender will wear your product (to get more accurate results)
  • You can determine the type of product you are uploading that can trigger the app to create a graph with the metrics you insert
  • As in the first version, the measurements can be converted from metric to imperial.

These changes will determine the user experience (your buyer) on the front end.
An important part is that we allow the admin screen to change headers and in-app text.

Frontend - the buyer surface

(The installation code will be shorter and the installation process will be much more detailed.)
When the customer visiting the store reaches the product page where the app is installed. He will be able to see a small button next to the selection of:
| what is my size? |

The text of this button will be easily modified from the app’s admin screen.
After clicking this button, a box will be opened to allow the buyer to enter the height and weight values and click to go to the next screen where he can focus his selection more by marking additional options and thus to measure the size of the product.

for example:
1. Choose body type
2. Select Astra: wide or full. Thus, a person who knows that he is relatively wide will be able to influence the selection of the calculator and allow him to choose the right product for him.

Then a message will appear on the screen which direct him to what size they need, and a graph of the product (illustration of a sample shirt) with the same values you entered on the product edit screen.
Your client knew exactly how much he needed and knew even if he should replace large or small learning with a convenient view of the size chart as an illustration.

Style changes:

The application’s management interface is expected to look more and more responsive to your request, and your client’s front-end interface will have several additional options. The emphasis we put on building the application is to enable several modes of your choice. You can choose how the Popup message will appear or what will be listed in the various headers. Thus allowing the apology to appear as an inseparable part of your store rather than as something external and unrelated.

Q & A:

How does the calculator work?

The calculator was built on the basis of research into many people. After thousands of measurements we put in the values that will activate the calculator according to what the user put in.

Is this accurate?

The new calculator will be much more accurate than the previous one, since the calculator concentrates on the choices made by the user, the user gender and the type of the selected item and thus knows how to give the most accurate value.

If the user inserts inaccurate values?

In the same way your user can choose the wrong size and make mistakes, it is hard to believe that he will be able to come to you with complaints, in the end the application provides a service and helps to be precise in the choice he makes. We assume that the user knows his height and weight (at least 95% accuracy) and knows whether he is wider / narrower or full / thinner than average. And so affect the calculator.

Why did not you upgrade to version 1.2 and just jump to version 2?

Version 1.1 and version 1 were beta versions of the app – so we used the feedback from the app’s users and the surfers’ feedback to draw conclusions and realized that the improvement was much less effective than the new one. Because the change required was bigger than we expected, we decided to immediately develop version 2 and jump on beta error corrections. It takes a bit more patience but it will pay off big time for all long-term app users.