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Height & Weight

App For Shopify

This Shopify app will get your buyers their recommended size.

simple & clever, install the app for 14 days of free trial and your customers will be able to insert their height and weight on any product page and get their accurate desired size.

And there are many features included:

  • Custom pop-up: on home page. insert height and weight once and all product will adjust size automatically.
  • Login page: insert height and weight hen creating an account –> save your details for next shopping.
  • Problems solved: your customer is between sizes? the app will let him know that.  Check FAQ for more problem we solved.
  • Easy to Copy: as a seller, you don’t have to insert measurements on every product you got. just click the copy button and all sizes will be copied in a single click.

Why is it special

Great idea, make it easy to choose for my customers. The installation guide (inside the help area) is clear but maybe put a bigger button for a better process.
Ice Orca
Extreme Gear Store
I have been searching for this kind of app for a long time! Technical support available and ready to help. 5 stars for me Vanilla
Clothing store
For now, we are customizing attending my website needs and is the developer is being such great. Even called me! We are implementing this on 3 stores, and we have more additional 3 (for men) to add to! Lets see if we can reach the level needed of this app to implement for a usage of 30k customers a day.
Fashion store
I don't know how did we handle without this app. it is so simple and make the shopping so easy. we have deleted all the size chart from our website thanks to this app.  
Rock Stone Co
Boutique Clothing Store

About Us

Our goal is to develop apps that can solve a problem.
we have specialist designers that wil keep the UI environment classy and useful.

the programmer team can solve any problem by the endless functionality we can suggest.

it is important to work with professional on your app idea to reach your goal.

Whether you would want to choose Shared Linux Packages or a Unix Package or do you want to go for a shared windows package or packages reseller for hosting? Trust me!

Our Team

Dream team behind this app

User friendly
Drag & Drop

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